Conference Policies

Participant Conduct

The conference organizers are striving to host an inclusive, welcoming event. To this end, please be courteous, respectful and sensitive to all presenters and participants, who may not share your background or expectations.  No hate speech, abuse, bullying or harassment of any kind will be tolerated, including but not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism. Anyone found to be conducting themselves inappropriately will be warned, once. Should the behaviour continue, the individual will be removed from the event. Should you experience any harassment in the meeting, please contact the organizers.

Participants will be admitted to Zoom sessions based on the names and emails they submitted at registration, so that sessions can be monitored for inappropriate intrusions and “screen bombing”. If there is a problem in your session, please alert the session chair and assistant chair. Anyone abusing the use of shared screen, chat or audio functions will be removed from the room.

Recording Policy

Keynote sessions and special events in this conference will be video-recorded, with the intention of posting publicly. The recording may contain the names and images of participants. If you do not wish for your image to be visible, you may turn off your camera. Similarly, if you do not wish for your name to be visible, once you have entered the Zoom meeting room, you may select yourself from the participants list and edit your name. By clicking the Zoom link to enter the room, you consent to being recorded and are aware of actions you can take to anonymize yourself during the event.  If you do not want to participate in the live session, the recording will be posted later on our website.

In accordance with our efforts to enhance the public dissemination of research, we will be recording some additional sessions, with presenter permission, for public posting. Recorded sessions will be indicated in the individual session descriptions available in the conference program. Portions of these sessions may be shared on the website or other public platform at a later date. By clicking the Zoom link to enter the room, you consent to being recorded and are aware of actions you can take to anonymize yourself during the event.  

Please do not turn on your audio unless you have a question to ask during the Q&A period of a session. It is usually courteous to identify oneself to the speaker when interacting with them, however, if you do not wish to be identified, you may send your question privately by chat to the session chair. 

In a digital conference, efforts to create community and facilitate human exchanges are balanced with concerns for security, as well as personal privacy. We encourage participants to turn on your cameras as you listen to presenters in small sessions, however, we understand that some participants may not have access to adequate digital bandwidth, or an appropriate environment in which to allow recording, and some people prefer not to be recorded. We also recognize that some people may be situated in a national context that puts them at risk of repercussions, if seen to participate in discussions around certain topics. If you have any such concerns about your participation, we encourage you to review the paper abstracts in advance, and evaluate the risks involved.

Time-Keeping and Interactive Discussion 

Please come to your session 5-10 minutes early, so that you can be admitted securely. We have a busy program, and it’s necessary to stay punctual. The chair and assistant chair will keep time, and ask the presenters to wrap up their presentations when the time is up. We hope to facilitate lively and generous debate following speaker presentations. There is limited time for discussion, and it is the chair’s prerogative which individuals to call upon, and which questions will be prioritized or shared. When there are many questions at once, the chair and assistant chair will keep a speaker’s list. They will end the session no later than 10 minutes prior to the next scheduled session.