Keynote 3

Compassionate Metabolism: Caring for Un/Predictable Futures

Friday, May 21: 1:00 AM PDT / 9:00 AM BST / 1:30 PM IST

Susanne Pratt, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Bio: Dr. Susanne Pratt lectures at the Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation, University of Technology Sydney. Her work focuses on art, digital storytelling, futures studies, innovative social research methods, public engagement, environmental humanities, feminist politics of care, transdisciplinary pedagogy and science & technology studies. She explores how creative practices of care can both enact and problematize engagement with environmental health concerns.

Abstract: As the aftermath of the 2019-20 fires in Australia smolder under the headlines of a global pandemic and other evolving disasters, various ecologically focused visions of the future are being imagined, predicted, exhausted and enacted. In this performative presentation, I will provide a transdisciplinary perspective, as an artist and researcher, on metabolising un/predictable futures. I offer the notion of “compassionate metabolism” as a means of exploring how activist-artists and artful-activists are shifting extractive imaginaries into more regenerative futures.